Annie 17pcs Stove Holder Kit #5524

Annie 17pcs Stove Holder Kit #5524
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  • Manufacturer: Annie

Annie 17-PCS Stove Holder Kit #5524

Quick Styles with Premium Products

Designed for All Types of Annie Irons, Straightening Combs and Ceramic Thermal Stoves


Annie Stove and Iron Holder:

Holds 14 curling irons and has 4 all-purpose convenient trays. Crafted with durable heavy-duty steel. Compact and convenient design. Sturdy base for safe use.

Annie Jumbo Ceramic Thermal Stove:

Instant heat for quick styling. Maintains high heat temperature (Reaches 825ºF). Superior quality ceramic for even heat distribution. Spacious opening to hold multiple irons simultaneously.

Annie Kit Assorted Sizes of Curling Irons:

7 Assorted sizes of Curling Irons (5/32" ~ 1 ¼"). Durable steel barrels quickly absorb and maintain heat.

Annie Kit Flat Beveled Irons, Crimper Iron and 'C' Iron:

1 Flat Beveled Iron, 1 Crimper Iron and 1 'C' Iron

Annie Kit Straightening Comb:

1 Medium Teeth Straightening Comb ,all brass comb with ergonomically designed handle.

Annie Carrying Bag:

6 Pockets for storing curling irons and straightening combs. Side strap to easily carry items.

Annie Combs:

1 Rattail comb, 1 Pintail comb and 1 Styling comb.

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