Annie Thermal Flat Beveled Iron M

Annie Thermal Flat Beveled Iron M
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  • Manufacturer: Annie

Annie Flat Beveled Iron M


  1. Prior to using this Flat Beveled Iron the first time, wipe Flat Beveled Iron barrel and clamp with soft cloth or towel to remove any manufacturing oils.
  2. Heat Flat Beveled Iron 1-3 minutes and then allow the Flat Beveled Iron to cool down.
  3. After Flat Beveled Iron is cooled, wipe Flat Beveled Iron clean to assure oils are removed.

Heating Instruction

  1. Heat Flat Beveled Iron in Thermal Stove for 1~3 minutes. Heat sensitivity to the type of hair is recommended.
  2. Test Flat Beveled Iron on white towel or tissue. If scorching results, the Flat Beveled Iron is too hot and allow iron to cool.

Styling Instruction

  1. Apply pressing oil or pressing cream to clean dry hair.
  2. Dry hair completely prior to using Flat Beveled Iron.
  3. Heat Flat Beveled Iron to desired temperature.
  4. Section hair into strands. Keep hair sections smooth by brushing or combing.
  5. Lift one strand of hair. Starting at the top of the hair near the scalp, open the Flat Beveled Iron and grip the strand of hair and evenly distribute hair strand over the Flat Beveled Iron. Close the clamp.
  6. Keep hair strand taut, slowly slide the closed Flat Beveled Iron to the ends of the hair.
  7. Reaching the ends of the hair, roll the ends around the Flat Beveled Iron to curl the ends of the hair.
  8. Allow the hair strand to cool. Try not to disturb straightened hair strands as you proceed and continue to straighten the whole head.
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