Milky Way Invisible Part Weaving Closure

Milky Way Invisible Part Weaving Closure
  • Manufacturer: Milky Way


Milky Way Invisible Part Closure 10"

Available Color: 1, 1B, 2, 4, P1B/30, P4/30

Available Lengths: 10", 12"

Invisible Part is the most natural looking part closure. Quickly weave a center or side part with the freedom to control the depth of your part line.

Step 1: Eye mark the area where you wish to place the PART CLOSURE. With a comb, split your hair in the center of the predetermined area to create a PART LINE. Section your hair vertically and neatly cornrow. Next, weave in hair tracks up to the predetermined area.

Step 2: Align the Milky Way Invisible Part line over the cornrow PART LINE created in Step 1. Weave down one side of the invisible part  first to firmly secure in place. Cut the surrounding lace.

Step 3: Tightly sew the remaining side of the Invisible Part.

Step 4: Done! Finish to style your to your desire

Natural Blend Part Styling

In step 1, Leave out a portion of your natural hair in the closure area to blend with the closure in step 4.

Caring Instructions:

To Shampoo: Rinse with mild soap under gently running water. Do not rub vigorously.

To Style: Curling Iron is safe. Lightly apply styling products. Heavy pomades will matte hair.

To Comb: Always brush from bottom of hair and work your way up to the tracks.

To Remove: Always consult your professional beautician.

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