Milky Way Saga Gold Remy Yaky Human Hair Weave

Milky Way Saga Gold Remy Yaky Human Hair Weave
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  • Manufacturer: Milky Way
Whereas SAGA has all hair of the same lenth so that it is full to
the end, SAGA GOLD has combination of different lengths of
hairs so that it gives a layered look. And since it is not full to
the end, it is also more affordable.
Only young, health hair is selected. Then each strand of
the MilkyWay SAGA product is handpicked to ensure that
the cuticles are aligned in one direction. Each stand of
hair is handled with the utmost care to maintain the youth
and livelihood of the hair.
*Cuticle Alignment*
Cuticle Alignment eliminates all harsh chemical
treatments that typically cause tangles and breakage.
By eliminating harsh chemical treatments the hair
remains thicker, stronger and healthier.
This is how we make MilkyWay SAGA so somooth,
bouncy Maintance-free, tangle-free, naturally lustrous
and easy to curl.
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